Cromo Dynamix

(Out Now On XBOX Live Indie Games)

Released November 24th 2014, our twin-stick shooter brings some old-school mayhem to XBOX Live Indie Games.

An alien invasion threatens.  Mysterious particles are building up inside the earth.  A deadly radiation will be released if we don't act soon.

Crazy plot aside, we hope that Cromo D is what the Space Invaders generation are missing in the FPS games that grab all the headlines these days.

Easy to pick up and hard to master......Gameplay is very straightforward and often requires players to think ahead......or pay with their lives.

Check it out and give it a star rating or Facebook like on XBOX.COM (US)

Check it out and give it a star rating or Facebook like on XBOX.COM (UK)


The game features:

Challenging Single-Player levels

Online XBOX Live Multiplayer (Up to 10 players)

Rewards such as Unlockable Ships, Arenas and Rank Progression